Joining the Lovebirds

13 May

Today has been a very busy day. Zane’s baseball team had their first double header of the season. It was a little rough on Zane. At the end of the game, a member of the other team ran into him full speed and knocked out his left front top tooth. I thought for sure that he would be ready to go home after that, but he insisted on playing the second game. I was so proud of him!

When we got home from the game, I had an email that I had been waiting for. I was added onto the “LoveBirds” team for the Stuff To Scrap forum. I’m really excited about this because even though I’m new to the forum, I’m having a lot of fun there. It is hands down, my favorite forum!

I also had a message from Ponytails Designs saying that I had gotten a $5 coupon to use at their store, because of a layout challenge I had done earlier this week. WOOT!

It took me awhile to decide which kit I was going to get with my coupon, but I finally settled on “A Noise With Dirt On It”. Having 3 boys, I do believe this will come in handy in my future scraps!  I can’t wait to make some layouts with it and show them off, so come back here later this week to see what I’ve come up with! And go check out their blog and store… They have some amazingly cute kits!


"A Noise with Dirt on it" by Ponytails Designs

“A Noise with Dirt on it” by Ponytails Designs


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