Rollercoaster week

26 May

This week has been full of ups and downs. Some more extreme than others.

We live way out in the woods, 20 minutes or so from the nearest… Well anything really. And way out here, in the middle of no where, there are not many options for Internet. A few tiny companies, none of which are that great of an option. My father in law jokes that the files and information for our Internet is ran back and forth on the backs of squirrels and raccoons. Sometimes it seems that way. This week, it has been even worse than that. Our friendly neighborhood ISP came out to check what the problem was, and decided that we have to many trees. In the middle of the woods. Imagine that. So we are on the search for a new raccoon.. Er.. ISP.

Now in the midst of this frustration, I have good news! I am now a part of “Ponytails Designs” creative team! I am beyond excited about this opportunity.

The night before I found out about getting to be on the creative team, my cousin and his wife had a scheduling conflict and asked me and my husband to watch their 3 kids for the afternoon, take them to their baseball game and then on to another family members house where they would be staying for the weekend. Long story short, the other family member wasn’t there and hasn’t been able to be reached so we are currently on day 4 of “surprise babysitting”. This brings our grand total of people under the age of 9 in our home to 8. 8 under 9. It’s amazing I still have hair…

So hopefully soon things will calm down. Life will go back to normal. We will have Internet. And I can fully enjoy being the newest member of a creative team!! Woohoo!!!


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