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Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a Random Scatter

25 Jun

Today we are going to learn another fun thing to do with brushes. This tutorial will start by showing you how to create a brush by using the “Custom Shape” tool, but if you already have a brush you want to use to create your random scatter, you can skip to step 3.  Let’s get started!

Step 1:










Click on your “Custom Shape” tool and select the shape that you want to use for your brush. It doesn’t matter what size you make the shape, you can adjust the size after it is a brush.


Step 2:












For this tutorial, I made a brush using a seahorse shape. If you hold ‘Shift’ while making your shape, it will make a perfectly proportioned shape. At the top click “Edit” then scroll down to “Define Brush Preset”. Click this and you will get a pop up window to name your brush. I tend to leave mine as the default name. Name your brush and click “OK”.













Step 3:












Click on your “Brush” tool. If you just created your brush, it will default to the last brush on the pop up window. If you did not just make your brush, select the brush that you want to use.

Step 4:












Click on “Window” and then “Brush” to open your brush options.

Step 5:










Click on “Brush Tip Shape” at the top of the Brush options window. Only adjust the “Spacing”, at the bottom of the window. I usually set mine about 200% to begin with. You can adjust this later, depending on how you want your finished scatter to look.

Step 6:










Just below “Brush Tip Shape” is an option called “Shape Dynamics” with a check box next to it. Click it. At the top is a slider labeled “Size Jitter”. Adjust this to approximately 75%, keeping an eye on the preview window at the bottom to judge how you want your scatter to look. This option adjusts if each time the brush makes a mark is the same size.

Step 7:










Now just below “Shape Dynamics” is another little check box called “Scattering”. Click this box. At the top of that window there will be a check box labeled “Both Axes” make sure that is checked and adjust the slider. Again, keep an eye on the preview window and use your judgement for how you want your scatter to look. I usually set mine around 750%.

Your scatter brush is now ready! Go ahead and open a new document and try it out. I tend to make a brush stroke from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, but that is just me. You can play around with this, add effects, layer it and color each one differently, add texture or combine it with another splatter brush of a different shape. Make it your own, and enjoy it!



Templatopia Vol. 8 by Ponytails Designs

22 Jun

Ponytails Designs has a new template set today, Templatopia Vol. 8. Available in PNG, PSD, and TIFF formats, templates are a great option for helping you scrap beautiful pages when you need a little inspiration or are short on time. 30% off for the first week!


Check out some of the wonderful pages created by our Creative Team…



teri_2012-09-Daddy-b-dayacg_tsroud-unperfect#hurdlesmiskristal_KK_WTD_SASS_PTDTemp_8_zps47d84c2atammy_Beach-6-13_zpsad047cfcyabby_storm-chaser acg_WTsimplylimekarrie_summertime_zps96c4795eRight now Natasha is helping to host This Scrapper’s Got Talent at Stuff to Scrap, and the first week’s challenge is to use the provided template and scrap about a typical day or week in your life. The entries so far are outstanding! You are encouraged to go check them out and leave some love. While you’re there you can pick up the free template (designed by Natasha) and play along in this thread HERE if you like.

Have a great day!

My “Daddy N’ Me” layouts

15 Jun

Have I mentioned how much I love this kit?! The colors are fantastic. I of course had to grab both the boy and the girl set, because in our family we have 3 boys and 2 girls. So here are just a few of the layouts that I’ve made with this kit so far… There are many more. You can grab this kit and many more at the Ponytails Designs store on Stuff To Scrap

fathersday1 girls fathersday3 fathersday2

*FREEBIE* Alpha sets to go with “Daddy N’ Me” by Ponytails Designs

13 Jun

To celebrate “Daddy N’ Me” Fathers day kits by Ponytails Designs, I have made two sets of stitched alpha’s, using the technique I blogged about last week.  I hope you enjoy using them, as much as I enjoyed making them!

Remember to leave me some love here or on Facebook if you download, or send me a link where I can see how you used them!!

Girls Alpha:’

Boys Alpha:

Both in one file:’


“Daddy N’ Me”, two new coordinating kits from Ponytails Designs

13 Jun

Daddy ‘N Me is a sweet set that celebrates the love between a father and his children. What better way to show Dad how much he is loved, than with some beautiful memories that show off the tender, sweet, funny, and crazy moments!

Daddy ‘N Me is available in a Girl set or Boy set, or as a bundle of the two. These minis are coordinated to work together so you can mix and match for greater variety. And as always, they are 30% off for the first week.




eye candy

kristal_KK_PTD_DNM_PDtemp_PB2_lo1 ponytails_dnme_group1 ponytails_dnme_group2 ponytails_dnme_group3 yabbycap_bragalittle2-8-DAD

Just one more thing to share… Ponytails Designs has combined up her May Build-a-Kit parts into a full kit. If you missed Hey, Handsome! while it was part of the BAK, now’s your chance to get it at a discount. All of the Hey, Handsome! pieces (kit, wordys, alpha, and bundle) are 30% off now throu gh Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

New freebie kit in the works

12 Jun

I hope everyone is having a good week! Here at our house, we’ve been a bit busy. We have been blessed with the presence of my sisters little girl for this week, while her momma and daddy are off on a grown up vacation. Today we took her and our 5 kids down to the river to hike and swim. We spent about 4-5 hours hiking, climbing rocks and swimming in the icy cold, spring fed, river. I actually remembered to take my camera this time, so I got a lot of great pics.

Also, I’ve been doing a “Designer Challenge” over at Pixel Scrapper, and I am having a blast! Every day we are assigned a new item or paper to make, following the color scheme that we picked at the beginning of the month. When the end of the month rolls around, we will have created an entire kit. I chose to further my Memorial Day mini and turn it into a full fledged patriotic themed kit. So far, we have done a paper every day and I am pretty happy with mine have turned out. Here is what I have done so far:



I can’t wait to start working on ribbons, elements and word art to go along with this one! I think it will be perfect for all of those cook out and fireworks pictures that we take around the 4th of July. 


Tutorial: Stitching around the edge of text or a custom shape

9 Jun

This past week I was looking threw the gallery at different layouts and I saw a cute little set of letters that looked like the edges had been stitched down onto the paper. I decided that I liked that effect enough, that I needed to find out how to do it myself. And so the search began. I google’d until I was blue in the face. I looked at all the sites I typically look at when needing a good tutorial, and I did find a few, but they all seemed to come up lacking. Missing a step here or there. So I decided, after reading 4-5 different tutorials, picking out the steps that worked and moving on to the next one, that after I figured this out I would make my own tutorial. Even if it only gets used by myself, when I forget how to do the stitching again! So here it goes…

 (I am using Photoshop CS5, I do not know if this works on newer versions)

Step 1: Click on your “Brushes” menu and then on “Brush Tip Shape” at the top. Adjust the roundness to 20%, and your spacing to around 550%. For this tutorial, my brush size was 100px and the text I was working with was 600px.  Spacing and Brush Size will vary depending on the size of your text or shape you are stitching around. Image


Step 2: Click “Shape Dynamics”. Under the ‘Angle Jitter’ option, you want “Direction” selected on the drop down menu. This will make the stitches follow directly along the path you set.




Step 3: Close out of the Brushes menu. On your first layer, use your text option or custom shape that you want to stitch around. When you have that finished, make a second layer on top of it. Select your text/shape layer, then hold CTRL and click your text/shape layer. This will make ‘little black ants’ march around the edge of your shape or text, showing that it is selected. 



Step 4: Go up to the “Select” menu at the top of the screen. Click “Modify” and another menu will pop out, click “Contract” on this menu. 


Step 5: When you click “Contract” you will get a little menu pop-up. For this tutorial, I put in 25px, but I’m using large text. If you are doing a small item or text, you may want to stay closer to 10-15px. 



Step 6: You will notice that your little “Marching ants” went from the very edge of your shape/text, and moved in just a little. This is where your stitching will be placed. If you like this placement, continue on. If it needs adjusted farther in, you can repeat the last step. If it is to far in, click “Edit” then “Step Back” and do it over again, imputing a smaller amount in the pop up box.

Step 7: Now you are going to click your top layer, just so that it is highlighted and click on your “Paths” menu. When that opens you will see several little icons along the bottom of the new menu. Click the third one from the right, which is “Make Work path From Selection”. This will turn your little marching ants into a solid line. 




Step 8: When you click the button, a new selection will appear in your Paths Menu. It will say “Work Path”. 

Now make sure that over on the left hand side, your brush is selected and that the brush displayed just above that is the stitch brush that you made at the beginning of this tutorial. You also want to make sure that you have a contrasting color selected as your foreground color. This color will be the color of your “Stitch”. Once you have all of that checked, go ahead and right click on the “Work Path” selection in your Path Menu. This will bring up another menu, and you want to select “Stroke Path”. 



Step 9: Another little pop up menu will appear, with a drop down menu. You want to select “Brush”, then hit OK.Image

Hey, Look! There are your stitches, on your text or shape or whatever you are stitching! Aren’t they cute?! If they are cute, and you love them, then go ahead and click the little trash can on the “Paths” menu. This will remove that solid line, that your stitches just appeared on.

If they are NOT cute, it is most likely because the brush size is to big/small or the spacing is to big/small. You can adjust those in the brush menu and try again. Don’t give up! 



So now your cute little stitches are on their own layer, right there above your text or shape. If you want to add some texture or shadows to your stitches to make them a little more realistic, you can do that now. 


Thank you for taking a few minutes to read my tutorial. I hope it helps someone else as much as I know it will help me next week when I forget how to do this again. (When does pregnancy brain go away anyway?!) 

If you like this tutorial, and want me to write one on a different subject for you, just let me know! I’m still learning, and would love to help you learn too!