New freebie kit in the works

12 Jun

I hope everyone is having a good week! Here at our house, we’ve been a bit busy. We have been blessed with the presence of my sisters little girl for this week, while her momma and daddy are off on a grown up vacation. Today we took her and our 5 kids down to the river to hike and swim. We spent about 4-5 hours hiking, climbing rocks and swimming in the icy cold, spring fed, river. I actually remembered to take my camera this time, so I got a lot of great pics.

Also, I’ve been doing a “Designer Challenge” over at Pixel Scrapper, and I am having a blast! Every day we are assigned a new item or paper to make, following the color scheme that we picked at the beginning of the month. When the end of the month rolls around, we will have created an entire kit. I chose to further my Memorial Day mini and turn it into a full fledged patriotic themed kit. So far, we have done a paper every day and I am pretty happy with mine have turned out. Here is what I have done so far:



I can’t wait to start working on ribbons, elements and word art to go along with this one! I think it will be perfect for all of those cook out and fireworks pictures that we take around the 4th of July. 



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