New Store!

31 Aug

Hey guys!!

It has been a busy week around here. I have been getting the website ready, putting the final touches on it (for now) before the next blog train launches. But also, I have opened a new store!

Have you heard of DeviantArt? If not, you are in for a treat! DeviantArt is a website for artists of all kinds. From painters, to sketch artists, to digital art and video game design. The possibilities are endless on DeviantArt. A lot of scrapbookers use DA to find brushes, custom shapes, vectors and patterns that are compatible with PhotoShop, Gimp or various other programs.  Some scrappers even sell their designs through DA, and this week I joined them.  Right now, I only have a few products listed but I’m adding more as quickly as I can.  One of the items I have up right now is the second set of photo masks that I made. They are on sale for $2 this weekend!

DeviantArt takes PayPal as well as most major credit cards, but they also work just a little differently than other stores. You can buy their “DeviantArt Points” in increments of $5. Then you use the points to make purchases at various stores. Feel like ‘tipping’ your favorite artist? You can give them points as well.

So go check out my DA store, and remember to check back soon as I will be adding more items every week!



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