Forums and Sites I LOVE!

Everyone has their favorite websites, forums, blogs etc. Here are a few of mine! Tell me about that “cool new site” you found and I may add it to this list!  Have a blog of your own? Let me know!

This is a great scrap booking community. It has it all: Forum, Gallery, Store, Freebies, Tutorials.. You name it and it is probably somewhere within Pixel Scrapper. They have templates for designers, and already completed kits. All of it can be free to download with their point system, or you can buy them. And the ladies who hang out there, and the ones who moderate the forums, are incredibly friendly! Go check them out!

Another one I really love, and was actually the first forum I really got into, is Stuff To Scrap. They have tons of designers stores, awesome weekly and monthly challenges, and a great community. They are “new to scrapping” friendly, while also supporting the expert scrapper as well!

There are many many more that I can think of without glancing at my bookmarked sites, but I want to hear from YOU. Which are your favorites, and why? Let me know and I may add yours to this list!



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